Professional Trainings

Specialized professional trainings in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Our specialized professional courses in hospitality and tourism management meet the demands of employers and continually updated and adapted to current labor markets. These courses have been designed to allow candidates to apply, upon completion of their studies, for immediate employment in hospitality management roles.

Three very distinct programs: Financial Management, AMS and the course developed in collaboration with Alain Ducasse Education, are adapted to the needs of candidates who wish to retrain or specialize in hospitality management. The courses that are offered in conjunction with Alain Ducasse Education are geared towards candidates who wish to specialize in culinary arts and pastry-making. 

In ongoing close collaboration with leading hotels, reflected in internship offers or organized tours and seminars, AIM draws on its industry-specific knowledge and wealth of experience in order to continue providing high-quality education. 

Candidates undertaking Congé Individuel de Formation (individual training leave or CIF) or Compte Personnel de Formation (personal training leave or CPF) are eligible for this course.

AMS: Academic Management Studies

Academic Management Studies, high level practical vocational training

A high-quality professional education program. AMS is a favorite choice among those looking to change careers, update their skills or undertake a congé individuel de formation (individual training leave or CIF).

AMS: Academic Management Studies


AIM and ALAIN DUCASSE EDUCATION work together to provide unique professional training in management, Culinary Arts, and Basic Patisserie.

AIM & ALAIN DUCASSE EDUCATION have combined their expertise to offer new programs in Culinary Arts and French pastry-making.