Application and registration of Master of Arts

You have:
            - a good command of French,
            - at least a 3-year Higher Education diploma or a degree (in all disciplines) or a Foundation degree followed by at least 2 years of professional experience in Hospitality and F&B operations,
            - a career or investment project in restaurant business.
You can access our 1-year Master of Arts program.
For this we propose two modes of application:

By (postal) mail

Download your Application Form

  • To be completed and returned by (postal) mail.
    (By e-mail if sending from out of France).


Register online

  • Your file is transmitted in real time;
  • No postage costs;
  • You are assured of no loss or delay.

Deadline for application

Admissions and registrations are carried out as and when the number of places available.
As the candidacies grow each year, the closing of the registrations is posted more and more early between March and mid-May.
If your interest in our academy is confirmed, we advise you not to delay the sending of your file.


Application form

Fiche de candidature / inscription

Please send your application with the following documents:
  1. The completed application form (by mail or online).  
  2. A photocopy of your:
        - national identity card (both sides),
        - or passport.
  3. A cover letter (in French) explaining the reasons of your choice (the program and the school).
  4. Photocopies of your last three academic reports and the qualifications or diplomas that you have obtained. 
  5. If not French native, proof of a sufficient level of French (certificate of French studies, certification of courses taken in French,...).​
  6. Exclusively for residents in France:
    A check or a bank transfer of €100 payable to AIM.
    AIM bank information
    N.B. : in case of admission, this amount will be directly included in the tuition fees.
    It will be fully refunded:
       - in case of non-admission;
       - in case of cancellation of the application more than 48 hours before the date of the interview.
    In case of withdrawal following the admission of the candidate, the amount will be kept by the institution.​

Profile of the Master of Arts candidate



Patrick Rosier, Directeur des études

Qualifications required:

  • Good command of French
  •  Real taste for food and culinary arts
  • Intensive and continuous work capacity
  • Creativety and motivation 
  • Excellente sense of service
  • Autonomy and initiative
  • Definite motivation for quality
  • Ambition to surpass oneself
  • Extremely neat presentation

Procedures and steps for admissions

étudiants en examens

1. After receipt and examination of their application, applicants will be informed whether or not they have been accepted for the next stage.
2. If they are, those who are resident in France will receive a date for an interview.
3. Interview.
4. Letters to students announcing their results.
5. Welcome and presentation day, tour of the Campus (CIUP) with lunch on the premises: Friday preceding the start of the academic year.
Beginning of courses: first Monday of October.