MBA Professional in Hotel and Tourism Management
(Program entirely in English)

Prerequisite: 3-year program (Associate's Degree, Bachelor, Masters in any discipline).

Duration of course* : 2 years.

*State Quality Certified Program: Qualiopi

AIM offers high-quality professional training programs taught in English aimed at preparing students for management roles in leading international hotels and supervisory positions in tourism-related sectors.

AIM’s MBA graduates are particularly sought after by recruiters thanks to the high-quality teaching programs enhanced by industry internships in management, making them immediately operational and in line with labor market needs upon graduation from the school.

Organization of MBA studies over 2 years

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Alexis Capelier
Christina Foucachon
Géraldine Houy-Detrait
Iris Mitterbacher
Lars Conrad
Matthieu Jauneau
Morgane Coulot
Pamela Deggim
Pierre-Alexandre Maillard
Romain Bosc
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Career opportunities


Presentation of the MBA Professional

The Professional MBA is a continuation of our Master of Science (MS) program that has been taught at AIM since 1992.
It serves to expand on AIM’s Bachelor of Science program, providing more in-depth analysis, specifically in the field of management of high-end hospitality establishments.

The training is enhanced by professional applications:

  1. In the management of international luxury hotels, while allowing access to specialized professional certifications sponsored by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, AHLEI.
  2. In the management of high-end, gourmet restaurants, regularly followed by restaurant managers/owners as part of their professional training.

MBA Professional students have already completed higher education studies, either in hospitality (the MBA develops their knowledge in this area), or else in the Sciences, Arts, Business Administration or Humanities (the MBA is chosen by candidates seeking a career change).
Successful candidates should have professional experience, a good command of foreign languages and a broad general knowledge.

Main courses

MBA 1 Preparatory

 Areas of expertise
with professional certifications
  •  Financial AccountingCertification Course

    Application of principal financial accounting methods in the hospitality industry.

    • Accounting for Business Transactions
    • Financial Statements
    • Corporate Accounting
  •  Human Resources ManagementCertification Course

    Professional training for candidates seeking to work
    in the Human Resources departments of major hotels.

    • Employment Laws and Applications
    • Job Analysis and Job Design
    • Planning and Recruiting
    • Selection
    • Training and Development
    • Evaluating Employee Performance
    • Negotiation and Collective Bargaining
    • Turnover, Discipline, and Exits
  •  Managing Service in Food & Beverage OperationsCertification Course

    How to provide a high-qualityrestaurant service, create added value, ensure customer loyalty
    and maintain excellent standards.

    • Food and Beverage Operations
    • Select Food and Beverage Staff
    • Select Hotel Food Service Staff
    • Select Beverage Service Staff
    • Menu Development
    • Food Service Supplies and Equipment
    • Facility Design, Deco
    • Sanitation, Safety, Security, Health, and Legal Issues
    • Labor and Revenue Control
    • Banquets and Catered Events
    • In-Room Dining
    • On-Site Food and Beverage Operations
  •  Rooms Department ManagementCertification Course

    In-depth analysis of how the reception service operates and its relationship with the hotel’s management and other departments.

    • Reservations
    • Registration
    • Front Office Responsibilities
    • Front Office Accounting
    • Check-Out and Account Settlement
    • The Front Office Audit
    • Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department
  •  Strategic Sales & MarketingCertification Course

    Study of the various “types” of customer; the starting point of this training.
    Analysis of the particularities of the “4Ps” (product, price, promotion, publicity) in relation to the hospitality industry.

    • Market Segmentation
    • Positioning in Line with Consumer Preferences
    • The Channels of Distribution
    • Technology and Marketing
    • Pricing Strategies
    • The Hotel/Unit Marketing Plan
    • The Corporate/Multi-Unit Marketing Plan
  •  SupervisionCertification Course

    Development of specific skills allowing future hospitality managers
    to step into a professional role immediately.

    • Effective communication
    • Recruitment & Selection Procedures
    • Training
    • Managing productivity & controlling labor costs
    • Performance appraisal
    • Curriculum
    • Managing conflict
    • Time management

MBA 2 Professional

 Areas of expertise
with professional certifications
  •  Management of TrainingCertification Course

    How to become an excellent trainer proficient in designing and delivering a program.

    • Training Tools and Techniques
    • Measuring and Evaluating Training and Development
    • Training the Trainer
    • Orientation and Socialization
    • Hourly Employee Training
    • Mentoring
  •  Managerial AccountingCertification Course

    Training in activity-based cost accounting in a hospitality environment.

    • The Statement of Cash Flows
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Cost Concepts
    • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    • Cost Approaches to Pricing
    • Forecasting Methods
    • Operations Budgeting
    • Cash Management
    • Internal Control
    • Capital Budgeting
  •  Purchasing for Food & Beverage OperationsCertification Course

    Training in all the latest developments in the area of food purchasing.
    The various types of purchasing involved in the distribution chain from the supply or production source, to the customer’s table.

    • Distribution Channel
    • Food Service Operations
    • Purchasing Systems and Personnel
    • Buyer-Distributor Relationships
    • Receiving, Storing, and Inventory Controls
    • Legal Issues in Purchasing
    • Meat, Seafood, Poultry, Dairy Products
    • Baked Goods and Grocery Items
    • Beverages
    • Equipment, Supplies, and Services
  •  Revenue / Yield ManagementCertification Course

    Training to understand and apply the revenue management process, rationalize its use, master how it works and understand its implications for hospitality management.

    • Measurements
    • Tactical Revenue Management
    • Strategic Revenue Management
  •  SPA ManagementCertification Course

    Training for a career in the wellness sector, including historic and cultural studies into how spas evolved as well as industry terminology
    and essential principles for implementing a high-quality service in this area.

    • Philosophy of Spa
    • History of Spa and Spa Cultures
    • Contemporary Spa
    • Trend Analysis: Predictions and Possibilities
    • The Spa Service Experience
    • Traditions, Treatments, and Terms
    • Financial Organization of Spas
    • Spa Careers, Vocations, and Professions
    • Leadership and Ethics


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Academic calendar

Note: there is only one intake for the academic year.
It is always the first Monday of October.

Two years of high-quality, intensive, and specialized higher education in preparation for operational management roles in luxury hospitality and high-end tourism sector. Taught in English.


MBA 1 Preparatory

Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Christmas holidays: 2 weeks in accordance with the Academy of Paris calendar
Winter holidays: 2 weeks in accordance with the Academy of Paris calendar
*Management training: 6 months in France, up to 8 months outside France

MBA 2 Professional

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

*Management Training: non-compulsory but may be undertaken with a three-party agreement


The timetable for the two-year duration permits part-time work restricted to 20 hours weekly.

True Excellence in Culinary Arts Training (Optional)

Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse

Nota: Academic standing is taken into consideration in the case of 20 or more candidates due to limited kitchen capacity.

Team-Building: the secret of our success

Every year, our brave and valiant MBA students are put to the harsh trials at the adventure park, Koezio, experiencing a blend of physical and intellectual challenges.

The participants, by developing and highlighting teamwork, affirm and confirm their motivation and their ability to combine reflection and action in critical situations.

An excellent exercise to highlight their strengths and qualities that will be solicited throughout their course at AIM and beyond.


Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success
Team-Building: the secret of our success

Team Work

Teamwork for real projects, with rigorous planning requiring in-depth knowledge,
all provided during the program.

A solid international career

Campus Langues

Thanks to the free membership to the CIUP Library provided by AIM, students have the opportunity to develop their skills in a foreign language of their choice from a catalog of more than 26 languages.

Language acquisition and development for 26 foreign languages

Campus LanguesLocated on the campus of the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris, the Espace Langues welcomes AIM students from Monday to Friday and provides excellent facilities for the acquisition and practice of foreign languages with general conversation, business communication, grammar, written and oral expression and understanding, pronunciation and advanced levels.

The Languages Area provides instruction in:



Espace Langues – CIUP

Professional certifications

AIM benefits from a partnership with the AHLEI which provides certification that AIM’s courses meet the highest international standards in higher education.

These internationally recognized professional certifications are accessible to all students during their studies.

Particularly intended for professionals wishing to broaden their skills, they enable our students to accelerate access to jobs at international level depending on their profile.

An exclusive partnership in France between AIM and the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

The AHLEI is internationally recognized for its consultancy services and implementation of the best management tools in major international hotel chains.

To cite just one, the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels, an accounting system for the hotel industry that it designed and published, is used by all major establishments, both in France and internationally.