<em class='mini insecable'>1-year</em> Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Tourism Management in 1 year

Prerequisite : Diplomas, degrees (2-year Associate's degrees, foundation degree, ....) in any discipline.
Language of instruction : English
Duration of the program : 1 year
State Quality Certified Program 

French State recognition leading to AIM’s Bachelor degrees.
Holders are officially entitled by this recognition as:
Manager en hôtellerie internationale de luxe (RNCP-Niv. 6).
In other terms: Manager for International Luxury Hotels.
State approved renewal process of recognition: June 28, 2024

The AIM Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Tourism Management permits the student who already holds a 2-year Associate's degree to enroll in the school and complete, with a minimum of 3 required AHLEI certifications, the Bachelor program, normally a 3-year course, in one year.

The student may then, if desired, continue on into the 2nd year of the MSc program to complete the training.

This intense and fast-moving year enables students not only to acquire indispensable skills for their future careers but also guarantees employers a high level of expertise and experience that AIM has championed since its inception.

The simulation of real-life situations, role plays and experiences shared by teachers, graduates of leading schools and trained in prestigious establishments (Marriott, Concorde, Accor, Club Med, etc.), guarantee our students an education which will be useful not only for successfully evolving within a company but right throughout their careers.

The Hotel and Tourism Management Bachelor of Arts program

Bachelor of Arts Program

A one-year course, taught in English, for future operational managers in the luxury hospitality and high-end tourism sector.

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If you hold an Associate's degree in tourism/hospitality management or an equivalent qualification, you are eligible for our 1-year Bachelor of Arts program.

Teachers that have graduated from the most prestigious schools


Exceptional training provided by teachers who for the most part are themselves graduates of leading schools, enriched by solid professional experience.

A 4 to 8-month internship in a company enabling the implementation of your hotel management training

Industry internships

Following a semester of intensive coursework, students in the Bachelor of Arts program embark on a 6 to 8-month industry internship, allowing them to put into practice skills they have acquired through their studies.  

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International careers

The close cooperation between AIM and the most prestigious establishments in the world effectively prepares our Bachelor of Arts students for working life.

Tuition fees for the Hotel and Tourism Management Bachelor of Arts program.

Tuition fees

2024 - 2025 Tuition fees for the Bachelor program.