Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Patrick ROSIER, Director of Studies
“We have designed this Académie for those who desire to work and hold positions of responsibility as administrators, organizers, and managers of high-end international hotels and tourism companies.” 

On behalf of the AIM team, welcome to our site.

At AIM, we have educated and helped launching the careers of promising managers and directors for major players in the hospitality and tourism industry since 1992.

The following key elements of success were:

  • Our program - shaped after one of the best professionally respected hotel management schools in the world, Cornell University in the USA.  We have further enriched and infused this successful basic framework with our European culture and savoir faire.
  • Our curriculum - concrete, precise, and practical.  The subject matter and the way it is taught have been designed to provide future managers the knowledge and understanding needed to fulfil their duties.  These same classes are also regularly offered to working professionals in prestigious hospitality companies as part of their professional training.
  • Our faculty  carefully selected and trained in world-renowned companies, our staff is composed of remarkable hospitality experts and education specialists whom we are sincerely proud to present to you on this website.
  • Our teaching process – we use the best academic and pedagogical methods available, ensuring our students breadth as well as depth of knowledge, acquired efficiently and enjoyably.
  • Our partnerships – academic, professional and technological and we invite you to discover them on our site.

Benefiting from these attributes, our students find jobs in their targeted career areas often even prior to graduation.

I cordially propose you to explore our website and see the resources designed to guarantee your academic success and build the foundations of your future career.



Whitney HILL