Master of Science

Master of Science degree in Hotel and Tourism Management

Prerequisite : 3-year program (Bachelor, Masters in any discipline).
Language of instruction : English
Duration of the program : 2 years (6 months for AIM’s BS or BA holders).
State Quality Certified Program 

Graduates who have completed a 3-year degree, regardless of the discipline, may apply for the Master of Science specializing in Hotel and Tourism Management.

This intensive and demanding higher education program taught through English provides students with a wide choice of far-reaching career prospects. Over the two-year period, students acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise to equip them for management roles in the hospitality and tourism sector. The managerial skills acquired are also relevant to any other industry necessitating staff supervision, team coaching, accounting skills, etc.

AIM's MSc graduates are equipped with a solid and well-recognized degree, a good command of English and industry experience acquired through internships in management roles in France and abroad. As a result, they are in the best possible position to secure employment in the months following graduation with employers guaranteed that they are recruiting a high-quality candidate who is ready for immediately operational.

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Master of Science Program

Program taught in English for the future operational managers in the luxury hospitality and high-end tourism sector.

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Educational background, admission requirements and application form.

Professionals experienced in Hotel and Tourism Management


Exceptional training provided by teachers who for the most part are themselves graduates of leading schools, enriched by solid professional experience.

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International careers

The close cooperation between AIM and the most prestigious establishments in the world effectively prepares students for working life.

A 4 to 8-month internship in a company enabling the implementation of your hotel management training

Industry internships

Each year, following a semester of intensive courses, students embark on a 4 to 8-month industry internship, allowing them to put into practice the skills they have acquired through their studies. 

Optional one-week trainings in Culinary Arts offered by AIM
Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse

Tuition fees for the Master of Science in Hotel and Tourism Management

Master of Science tuition fees

2024 - 2025 Tuition fees for the Master of Science program.