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Directrice (directeur) d'hôtel


• General Manager*
• Administrative Assistant

* Among our alumni, the first to be promoted to General Manager of a four star hotel in Paris dates to the beginning of 1999, less than three years after his graduation.

Administratif et financier


• Administrative Director
• Assistant Administrative Director
• Accountant
• Controller / Auditor
• Computer Systems Manager
• Accounts receivable Manager
• Credit Manager
• Personnel Director
• Assistant Personnel Director
• Training Manager

Assistant directeur général d'hôtel


• Rooms Division Manager
• Front Office Manager
• Reservations Manager
• Night Manager
• Executive Housekeeper
• Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Directeur (directrice) restauration


• F&B Manager
• Assistant F&B Manager
• Banquet Manager
• Room Service Manager
• Catering Manager
• F&B / Catering Sales Manager

Chef de réception


• Director of Marketing & Sales
• Public Relations Director
• Convention Service Manager


• Human Resources manager
• Human Resources assistant
• Training manager

Directeur, responsable des achats


• Purchasing Manager
• Assistant Purchasing Manager

AIM students, after their graduation, rapidly assume management positions in large international hotels and in other hospitality companies.

Sectors where an AIM education plays a leading role

Luxury hotels and palacesLuxury hotels and palaces
Chain hotelsCHAIN HOTELS
Fine Dining RestaurantFine Dining Restaurant
Restaurant Business, Fast-Food FranchisesRestaurant Business, Fast-Food Franchises

Company restaurantCompany restaurant
Event agencyEvent agency
Country ClubsCountry Clubs

Training and Research companiesTraining and Research companies
Travel Industry: airlinesTravel Industry: airlines
Travel Industry: cruiseTravel Industry: cruise
Luxury industryLuxury Industry

Matthieu JAUNEAU

Matthieu Jauneau - Testimonial

Regional Director in charge of Revenue Management for the Europe, Africa and Middle East regions Hyatt Hotel
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    Graduate of the Bachelor of Science, currently based in Zürich, at the international headquarters of the Hyatt hotel group, I hold the position of Regional Director in charge of Revenue Management for the Europe, Africa and Middle East regions, covering a hundred hotels.

    Thanks to my studies and also to a solid experience and expertise of nearly 15 years in the field of Revenue Management, I play an essential role as a growth driver in collaboration with the sales teams for the implementation of long-term strategies.

    Motivated by the relentless pursuit of the creation of a Total Revenue Management approach within large hotels, I also held various operational positions within large international luxury hotel chains on 4 continents in the departments of Catering/ F&B, Finance, Housekeeping, Front-Office/Rooms-Division and Marketing and Sales.

    Matthieu Janneau

Manon Berthaud

Manon Berthaud - Testimonial

Restaurant Owner/Director La Maison Bleue, Courseulles-sur-Mer, France
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    The AIM Experience

    When I started at AIM, I was still trying to find myself.  The smaller-sized classes and the more intimate setting were the two main reasons I decided to apply to this school. I considered the small student-teacher ratio motivating and more personal than the anonymity that comes from large classes taught in an amphitheater.

    The fact that all classes are taught in English was, of course, another very attractive quality of the school.  The beginning was a bit difficult – one needs time to settle in -, but eventually, and rather quickly, I found myself in my element.  Today, I use English on a daily basis at my restaurant.

    In the end, the studies at AIM were relatively short, instilled a sense of professionalism, and offered quick access to employment.

    My Internships and Jobs

    Initially, I was drawn to the field of esthetics and the beauty industry; therefore, for my internship in my first year, I chose a position in Spa management in London. Although very rewarding, this experience showed me that my true vocation lay elsewhere.

    I wished to own and run my own restaurant.

    My following internships reinforced this decision.  First, I left for India to work on the development of a restaurant for Compass Group in Bangalor.  Then, for my third and final internship, I spent 6 months in the Sales & Marketing department at the Shangri-La in Paris. 

    This led to a job offer in their Events Department where I stayed for three years, working my way up to department manager.

    I loved my job, but Normandy was calling.  My longing for entrepreneurship and setting up my own business was rekindled. smiley

    La Maison Bleue ‘adventure’

    When I purchased the restaurant in 2014, it was called La Chaumière and its business was dwindling.  It was an establishment I knew well, because I had frequented it many times in my childhood with my parents.

    Immediately after buying it, I changed the name, staff, menu, decor, and then began renovations on the terrace, the back kitchen, etc.…

    Today, we are listed among the best restaurants in Courseulles sur Mer, and we can serve up to 100 meals per seating, with 4 seatings/ day during the summer season.

    We have a permanent staff of 7 in the winter months, which increases to 11 in the summer.

    The simplest task I face which I had not learned about at AIM, is the dining room service! smiley

    Furthermore, although I received no special training in the kitchen at AIM, this has never been an obstacle in the daily management of my restaurant.

    Of course, I always keep an eye on what’s happening in the kitchen.  I sample all the dishes and decide whether they have their place on the menu or not.  Our ingredients are carefully chosen according to season, and I am involved in these decisions as well.  My chef and I have created a partnership, but to each their role and duties. 

    In conclusion

    Looking back at the education I received at AIM, I found that this school offers knowledge and essential skills that underscore the importance of constant learning.  One must never cease acquiring knowledge. Human management is always changing and adapting. To this day, I continue to attend training sessions to update my management skills.

    The foundations taught at AIM are solid, indispensable, and applied daily.  Even after leaving the school, I continually consult my lessons. 

    Moreover, the internships complement the in-class lessons and add unequalled hands-on experience.  The education I received at AIM and the Shangri-La, notably the discipline and rigor, is of constant use.

    And last but not least, since graduation from AIM, I have always been employed!


    Restaurant La Maison Bleue, Courseulles-sur-mer, France

Solenn Coudron

Solenn Coudron - Testimonial

Chain Director of Fauchon stores Fauchon Paris
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    I attended AIM after following a traditional high school curriculum and earning my Baccalaureate in economics.

    Thanks to AIM, I rapidly acquired high proficiency in English, due to the fact that all courses are taught in this language. Its mastery is essential in our line of business and in my current managerial position. All luxury brands and trade names require visibility and potential foreign development, which presupposes dialogue and negotiations in English.

    AIM was extremely beneficial to me, notably due to its teaching staff comprised of veritable experts in the hospitality industry.  Shared experiences and real-life case studies taught in the classroom are true added value during internships and when taking first steps in one’s professional career.  Through my exchanges with professionals, I gained knowledge and an understanding of the realities of the business world, prerequisites for success and accomplishing set missions. 

    AIM provided me the opportunity to progress smoothly on my career path, and thanks to this school, I received education and training that measured up to my ambitions!  It would not have been possible without the close involvement of the school’s administration which provides genuine support to its students in a studious, yet relaxed, atmosphere.

Clarisse G., Staff Housing Manager at The Brando, French Polynesia

Clarisse - Testimonial

Directrice adjointe de la restauration en charge des opérations - Puy du Fou chez Compass Group
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    Directrice adjointe de la restauration en charge des opérations - Puy du Fou chez Compass Group

    AIM provided me with expert knowledge of the hotel industry supported by AHLA methods. 

    Thanks to classes taught entirely in English, my language mastery progressed from an intermediate level to fluent which enabled me to approach my international internship with serenity and confidence. 

    Lastly, as training courses are only as good as the teachers standing in front of the class, I wish to point out the quality of the faculty and their profiles. All AIM teachers base their lessons on their own professional experience in the hotel and/or tourism industry and offer the students classes supported by first-hand observations.


Stéphane D., General Manager at Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort

Stéphane - Testimonial

General Manager at Constance Ephelia Mahe Seychelles
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    General Manager at Constance Ephelia Mahe Seychelles

    L'Academie Internationale de Management has been very valuable to me. The variety and quality of the courses offered provided me with a very solid academic background, enabling me to really understand each of the major functions of the hospitality industry. The fact that the lecturers come directly from the industry contributes to making the courses more interesting and dynamic by using real life examples in class.

    Further, the varied nationalities of the students attending the school broadened my views of the industry, allowing me to understand several different cultures and religions, essential nowadays with the global traveling trends.

Merrily S., Administrative Director at Hôtel Duo

Merrily - Testimonial

Administrator at Chateau de Lartigolle
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    Administrator at Chateau de Lartigolle

    AIM provides the perfect foundation for a career in the hospitality industry.

    The teachers, industry professionals for the most part, give additional insight into the world of service that textbooks alone cannot convey.

    The Cornell courses help to provide strong knowledge of the business and its main actors.

    And last but not least, AIM is, in itself, a small family that encourages you to always give your very best.

Kitti F., Director of Operations Café Frei

Kitti - Testimonial

Project Manager | Operations Improvement & Management | Customer Operations | Legal Counsel
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    Project Manager | Operations Improvement & Management | Customer Operations | Legal Counsel

    When I started the Master of Science program at AIM, I was full of doubts. I arrived in a new and unfamiliar country with very little knowledge of the French language. But after my first days of school my concerns disappeared.

    An international school where students come from all over the world is the best place to obtain the knowledge necessary to build a career. Our program was varied, consisting of all the required subjects to achieve success not just in Hospitality, but in other fields of business, which is one of the greatest advantages in my opinion. What’s more, these subjects are taught by professionals.

    The faculty consists of professors who really know what they are talking about and are able to pass on their first-hand experiences. They not only focus on conveying theoretical knowledge to their classes, but also are interested in the students’ personal development and expressiveness as well. This is very important in Hospitality.

    The fact we could obtain professional certifications from AH&LA just raises the value of the school. When I started my 2-year program at AIM, I was thirsty for knowledge. What I got definitely quenched that thirst. The classes were not easy, the expectations were high, but all efforts I made were rewarding. At the beginning of the program, I was afraid of failure and I worried about my future. When I finished, I was self-confident, able to speak in front of a crowd, and equipped with the necessary network to reach my goals.

    I unquestionably achieved this success thanks to AIM, its exceptional faculty, and Mr. Dogramaci. I will always be grateful to them.

Kinane R., Assistant Director of Finance & Business Support at Intercontinental Geneva

Kinane - Testimonial

Senior Business Financial Analyst chez Rolaco Group Services - Genève
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    Senior Business Financial Analyst chez Rolaco Group Services - Genève

    AIM is not only a great school, it is a family. It was my lucky day when Mr. Dogramaci welcomed me in his office to discuss my application to the Master's Program.
    The program is very interesting, the professors are devoted and extremely professional and the Dean is a wonderful person!
    During my first year of the Master’s program, I started a part time job at the Crowne Plaza Place de la République as an income auditor (Accounting Department). After 9 months, I was hired for the opening of the Holiday Inn Paris Porte de Clichy as a Financial Accountant, and I have stayed with the InterContinental Hotels Group ever since. I am now the Assistant Director of Finance & Business Support at the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva, supervising a team of 6 accountants.

    I owe 70% of my career success to AIM, and the remaining 30% to hard work and determination.

    You need a lot of factors to succeed in your career. AIM is a great start.

Inès G., Group Sales Coordinator at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worlwide

Inès - Testimonial

Group Sales Coordinator at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
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    Group Sales Coordinator at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

    AIM is a close-knit school fortunate to have a faculty made up of hotel and tourism industry professionals. Attentive, demanding, and passionate, they transmit their know-how and experiences in each of the courses designed at AIM.

    Being in constant contact with people from different countries ignited my desire to travel which is one reason for my departure to Dubai after the Bachelor’s degree.

    The internships in various hotels allowed us to discover and understand the inner functioning of different establishments, the departments, coordination, client contact, and team work.  It shaped us and helped us grow!

    The main goal of the internships was to expose us to the different departments so we could see where our interests lay in order to prepare us for our future professional path.

    Thanks to its partnership with AH&LA, its teachers and the internships, this school prepares you for the world of high-end hotel and tourism management and encourages you to explore new horizons.

Alice P., Assistant General Manager at the Impala Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

Alice - Testimonial

Technical Support Delivery Manager at Amadeus
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    Technical Support Delivery Manager at Amadeus

    Dear Future AIM Student,

    You are probably, like I was, in the middle of making a very important decision in your life – where to continue your education.  It is very likely one of the most stressful decisions in one’s life, and you sure don’t want to make the wrong one!

    If you are here, you are probably wondering if AIM is a good fit for you. Amongst the wide array of schools that seem to offer you the same thing, your choice may appear even more complicated.

    So let me tell you why I chose AIM and attempt to answer the questions and address the fears that I had:

    Most importantly, AIM is a SMALL school. Yes, I capitalized small, because you know what is great about a small school? It is human-sized, the teachers know you by name, you won’t feel lost or unattended to and you get to know pretty much everyone there, which helps tremendously when you are starting your program. This way you cannot and will not be allowed to fall behind if you are having difficulties, and your classmates will become lifelong friends. Probably just like you, I thought I wasn’t an ideal candidate for the school… I had no previous education in the field, only a summer job as a receptionist and a bachelor’s in English which is, for an unobserving eye, far from being enough to be enrolled in a school specialized in Hospitality. But lucky you, Mr. Dogramaci (the school’s director), knows that there is more to a person that what is on your resume and most important of all, that it is your attitude that can determine your success.

    Secondly, you will not only graduate with a perfect English level (yes, it is okay if yours is not perfect yet. Don’t worry, it will come in no time), but you will also become exceptional at public speaking as AIM offers all its classes in English and has a very strong emphasis on oral presentations (just wait for your marketing classes and you will understand!). Forget the boring lectures and be prepared to actively participate in the content of the class and get ready to meet classmates from all over the world! Most importantly, internship opportunities all throughout your education will allow you to bridge the gap between school and an actual job.

    You will be able to work any position in the hospitality field. In just a few years, you will learn and master many subjects that will open new doors to you (instead of closing them like other studies can). Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources and many, many other job opportunities will offer themselves to you when you graduate, and the great thing about graduating with a Hospitality degree is that you can be certain there will always be a job for you, because no matter what, people will always travel!

    You will be provided with a quality education, and from what I have heard from my classmates and fellow AIM alumni, we all seem to be pretty good at what we do, so I will let you be the judge of that. Keep in mind that your AIM degree also carries with it many other perks that no other school gives you such as AH&LA diplomas (American Hotel And Lodging Administration) for every subject undertaken and a certification, among others, in Revenue Management, for example with the famous Cornell University that allows you to work all over the world!

    Today, it has been one year since my graduation, and when I look back, as hard as it may have been, I know that choosing AIM was the best decision I could have made. Now I am the Assistant General Manager of a boutique Hotel in Miami Beach in the United States and my classmates are working all over the world. I cannot wait to see what other great experiences are ahead for us and for you!

    For that I thank AIM and all the wonderful teachers!

    I wish you good luck in your search and hope you find all that you are looking for!




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After AIM : specialized positions according to profiles

Alexis Capelier
Christina Foucachon
Geraldine Houy Detrait
Iris Mitterbacher
Lars Conrad
Morgane Coulot

Pamela Deggim
Pierre Alexandre Maillard
Romain Bosc
Camille Vergnaud
Clemence Marnot
Gwendoline Bencherif

Kim Thus
Mary Garcia
Maxi Nagel Queron
Nicolas Derrien Churchill
Perrine Aitidir Muron
Pierre François Duhamel

Thomas Van der Vliet
Zelie V
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Stanislas Gasnot

Tuan Anh Tran Luu
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Camille Bogo

Marie Schmitt
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Raluca Evelina Cosmeanu

Steve Braun
Alexandre Rojon
Andrzej Leo
Alexandre Raymond
Justin H
Emile Raimbert

Etienne Constant
Hung Ho Phan
Alexandre Fromager
Theophile Veyrines
Alexandra Dussauge
Jade Soumireu Mourat