Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers

  •  AIM – Luxury hotels ?

    Thanks to AIM’s innovative program introduced in 1992, our students were among the first to be employed by major international luxury and palace hotels, whether it was for an internship or their first job.

    Since then, they have been providing their knowledge and expertise all over the world in the following departments :

    • General Management,
    • Marketing and Sales,
    • Events Management,
    • Human Resources,
    • Front-Office,
    • Housekeeping,
    • Finance & Accounting,
    • Revenue/ Yield Management,
    • Food & Beverage (Restaurants, Banquets & Catering - kitchen excluded),
    • Purchasing,
    • Maintenance.

    In addition, those interested in luxury brands also hold managerial positions in companies such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier…

    AIM Hotellerie de Luxe

  •  Is there a training restaurant with a kitchen?

    Cooking: a job unto itself!
    AIM is not a culinary school, and unlike traditional hotel schools, its demanding course schedule leaves no time to practice restaurant table service*.

    * Restaurant table service is addressed during the first mandatory internship - at least four months in prestigious establishments, offering real, hands-on experience under the supervision of training masters.

    AIM is dedicated to its main objective: transmitting to its students in-depth, unequaled knowledge and techniques in the domain of restaurant and high-end hotel management in Europe.

    As a result, many AIM graduates become not only restaurant managers or owners, but also restaurant directors in luxury hotels around the world.

    However, for students interested in the Culinary Arts, AIM offers a training option of superior quality through one of the most prestigious professional institution: L’Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse.

  •  I studied English in high school, but without ever staying in an English-speaking country,
    will my level be sufficient to succeed in my studies at AIM?

    Yes, if you have a solid foundation in terms of grammar and the vocabulary necessary for a general conversation.
    In principal, a score of at least 12/20 in your final year of English should reflect the minimum level required. Our teaching methods are designed to enable students with these skills to follow the courses without any major difficulties.

  •  What if my level of English is not yet sufficient,
    but I really want to come to AIM...?

    We advise you to depart for an English-speaking country as soon as possible! Follow intensive courses and, if possible, work part-time in a hotel or restaurant for at least 8 months.
    This is extremely beneficial and students who opt for this choice will almost certainly acquire the level necessary to be admitted to AIM.

  •  I have a High School+2-year diploma (Associate/ Foundation degree or equivalent), can I enter the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Science directly ?

    No, because the 3rd year is the continuation of the 2nd year program of the Bachelor of Science, exclusively given at AIM and therefore, not having had these classes, you would not be able to understand and follow the subjects and the content of the 3rd year program.

    On the other hand, our 1-year Bachelor of Arts program, which is also that of our Master of Science 1, is designed to bring together the best of the three years of the Bachelor of Science. It is a dense program that requires intense and continuous work, but once validated, it allows you to obtain the Bachelor of Arts degree, equivalent to the MSc1 Preparatory level.

  •  I already have a Master’s degree in Management, can I enter the second year of the Master of Science directly ?


    If you enter MSc2 directly without going through the MSc1 Preparatory, you will not be able to understand and appreciate the content provided.

  •  Does the school find the internships ?


    However, from the first day of the program, specially dedicated sessions give students the necessary tools in order to prepare for their internship research (advice, preparation for interviews, CV writing, creation of a relevant Linkedin profile, ...).

    Thanks to this support, our students receive many offers, the most difficult being to choose the one that best corresponds to their career project.

    Our team is also present to support and advise the student in this choice. The school imposes neither hotels nor posts. The student chooses freely, under the direction of our Internship Advisor, Madam Bergund Salen.

    Furthermore, it has been proven that the fact that all our students are fluent in English makes their profile particularly sought after by hoteliers. The knowledge they have acquired during their studies, thanks in particular to our exclusive professional program, prepares our students for their internships and future careers. We also ensure a constant presence throughout the duration of the mission and are always present to intervene if necessary.

  •  Can I do my internship abroad ?

    Of course.

    An excellent level of English, along with the acquired knowledge allows our students to accomplish their internships all over the world, in major hotels and palaces. Accommodation is also often provided by these hotels. However, for the first year in the program, and for students who have never travelled, we prefer to advise them to do their internship in France. From the 2nd year on, they are fully equipped to go abroad*.

    *Except, of course, in countries not advised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  •  Are all subjects taught in English ?


    An exception is made, however, for the French Law/ Risk Management course, intended more particularly for French students, given in the form of workshops. It allows them to be trained in French legislation and law concerning the obligations of a manager in charge of a hotel (responsibilities in terms of fire safety, theft, social movements, natural disasters, …).

    This course can also be taken by foreign students fluent in French.

    Otherwise, the Hospitality Law course, a professional program certified by ALHEI, is in the program to train all our students in international legislation relevant to International Hospitality companies.

  •  What does the MSc2 offer in addition to the BS or BA ?

    The Master of Science 2 program is more particularly designed for high responsibility occupations within the Headquarters of large structures. Those who have completed the program are educated and trained for these positions. The profile, motivation, and ambition of the student also determine the rest of their course and career.

  •  Are there specialized courses ?

    Yes, starting in the first year of Bachelor of Science.

    Our three programs are indeed equipped with specialized subjects with American professional certifications (AHLEI) at the end of each year. They are in fact, intended for professionals already in activity for reinforcing their in-depth knowledge.

    Examples of specialized subjects with AHLEI/USA certifications for each Degree Program can be consulted under Program on the website.

  •  Upon graduating from AIM, are jobs exclusively limited to the Hotel and Catering sector ?


    As the name suggests, AIM - Académie Internationale de Management-, is above all a Management School, but specifically designed for Hospitality Education and Training.

    Nevertheless, the specialized subjects taught at AIM also allow our students to effectively perform managerial functions in most sectors such as Luxury Brands, Automotive Industry, Real Estate, IT, Consulting & audits, ...

  •  What positions do AIM alumni hold ?

    To answer your question precisely, we invite you to consult the Career Options page.