Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers

  •  Is there a training restaurant with a kitchen?

    Cooking: a job unto itself!
    AIM is not a culinary school, and unlike traditional hotel schools, its demanding course schedule leaves no time to practice restaurant table service*.

    * Restaurant table service is addressed during the first mandatory internship - at least four months in prestigious establishments, offering real, hands-on experience under the supervision of training masters.

    AIM is dedicated to its main objective: transmitting to its students in-depth, unequaled knowledge and techniques in the domain of restaurant and high-end hotel management in Europe.

    As a result, many AIM graduates become not only restaurant managers or owners, but also restaurant directors in luxury hotels around the world.

    However, for students interested in the Culinary Arts, AIM offers a training option of superior quality through one of the most prestigious professional institution: L’Ecole de cuisine Alain Ducasse.

  •  I studied English in high school, but without ever staying in an English-speaking country,
    will my level be sufficient to succeed in my studies at AIM?

    Yes, if you have a solid foundation in terms of grammar and the vocabulary necessary for a general conversation.
    In principal, a score of at least 12/20 in your final year of English should reflect the minimum level required. Our teaching methods are designed to enable students with these skills to follow the courses without any major difficulties.

  •  What if my level of English is not yet sufficient,
    but I really want to come to AIM...?

    We advise you to depart for an English-speaking country as soon as possible! Follow intensive courses and, if possible, work part-time in a hotel or restaurant for at least 8 months.
    This is extremely beneficial and students who opt for this choice will almost certainly acquire the level necessary to be admitted to AIM.