Rosier Patrick

Rosier Patrick

Director of Studies
Hospitality Sales & Marketing

A mentor at AIM, Mr. Rosier is Director of Studies and teaches Hospitality Sales & Marketing.

He has an MBA from Insead and has held numerous Marketing, Sales and Executive Management positions in multinational companies.

He has always developed and managed teams in an international environment, in Europe, Latin America and the USA, and lived outside of France for 12 years. As Vice-President in Europe of Walt Disney Attractions, he and his teams were responsible for the Marketing and Sale of Disney’s American parks and hotels to the European public.

As CLUB MED’s European Sales & Marketing Manager, he was actively involved in developing the change in the “holiday club” pioneer’s market strategy. He has extensive experience in Hospitality Sales & Marketing, two different conceptions of the “customer experience”, each with its own requirements, but always in a quest for excellence.